New GradHo Greek Fro-Yo Spot Igloo to Celebrate Grand Opening This Weekend

The secret to Igloo's super thick, super creamy fro-yo? FAGE Greek yogurt.

Hold on to your sweet tooth, Center City-ites: We’re getting a new yummy dessert option. Even better: It’s pretty healthy, too!

Grad Hospital’s new fro-yo spot, The Igloo, which is officially celebrating its grand opening this weekend (it’s been in soft-opening mode for a few weeks now), offers Greek frozen yogurt on its soft-serve menu. The shop uses plain (read: slightly tart) nonfat FAGE Greek yogurt, which packs just 100 calories per serving. And let me tell you: This stuff is seriously thick and creamy. I’m talking concrete-milkshake thick and creamy, people.

I got to try it last week (along with the Tahitian vanilla yogurt, yummm) and was pretty much in heaven. I also dug the nonfat strawberry sorbet, which basically tasted like one of those Fruit Bars popsicles all whipped up into creamy soft-serve deliciousness. That particular concoction is even vegan-friendly, since there ain’t a drop of dairy in it.

The other flavors, if you’re curious, are cookies and cream, peach, and raspberry pomegranate for the yogurts, along with chocolate sorbet and salted caramel gelato. The well-stocked toppings bar includes fresh fruit, crushed cookies and candy, and there are even lemon, pistachio and chocolate hot toppings.

The Igloo, located at 2223 Grays Ferry Avenue, will host a grand-opening party on Saturday starting at noon as part of the South of South Neighborhood Association’s spring festivities.