283: Number of Burpees It Would Take to Burn Off a Scoop of Ben & Jerry’s

This will put all those late-night calorie binges into perspective.

Well, this is mildly horrifying. The folks behind the Spartan Race obstacle-course series crunched some numbers to figure out how many burpees it would take to burn off junk food like French fries, cheeseburgers and a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. For a 130 pound individual, according to these calculations, the burpee total for each of those foods clocks in at 524, 765 and 283, respectively. Kinda puts all those late-night college junk food binges into perspective, eh?

If you’re wondering how they possibly came up with these figures, you can check out the math formulas over here and pretend you’re back in Algebra 3. But if you’d like the CliffsNotes version, here are the calorie-burn-per-burpee figures they came up with for different body weights:

So, if you’d like to have a little fun this afternoon, you can go to a site like My Fitness Pal and look up the nutrition facts for all your favorite foods. With some simple division (food calories / kcals per burpee), you can figure out just how many burpees you’d have to do to work off a serving. Then, go terrify your friends with said information.

Read more about burpee equivalents here.

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