Kim Kardashian’s Trainer Has a Diet for Us Non-Famous People

Because, really, who has time to spend six hours at the gym every day? Meet, the Body Reset Diet.

Okay, so no diet will ever make you look like Kim Kardashian; sorry, that’s just a fact. But her trainer, Harley Pasternak, says he can at least get us regular folks one step closer. How? With his new book, The Body Reset Diet, due out March 12th. Pasternak told New York magazine last week that he created the program after taking part in ABC’s The Revolution, a weight-loss show (now canceled) that aired last spring and summer.

“It took me away from living in L.A. and exposed me to the other 99.999 percent of women and men across the country with a more traditional lifestyle, concerns and goals,” he said in the New York Mag interview. “I realized that the slow-and-steady message I’d been espousing is not a real world solution for everybody. People don’t want to wait 30 weeks, dropping a half a pound a week, to look and feel better.”

His real-world solution goes a little something like this: drink three smoothies and a few crunchy snacks (hummus and carrots, crackers with turkey) for the first five days. Then, for the next 10, gradually start working meals back in, replacing one smoothie with a meal at first, then two, and finally all three. The idea is to “reset your metabolism, digestion and palate,” Pasterak says. And, of course, you’ll also drop some weight in the process.

Lest you worry about Kim’s preggo eating habits, Pasternak says, well, don’t: “We’ll make sure she gets the things she needs, but it’s about being healthy, not dieting. And, for once in her life, not being strict, not getting ready for a bikini shoot, and embracing the beauty of being pregnant.”