Inspiration: Watch This 97-Year-Old Woman Break the 100-Meter Dash Record (Video)

Warning: You will get goosebumps from this.

Thank you, Greatist, for posting the amazing video of 97-year-old Ida running—and breaking the record for—the 100-meter dash. So. Inspiring.

In the segment below from the OWN network’s documentary series Our America, Lisa Ling follows Ida and her runner/trainer daughter, Shelley, on the day Ida is set to run the 100-meter dash. Despite feeling a bit out of sync–Ida says her blood pressure was strangely high that day—she strapped on her shoes, anyway, and headed for the track. Her heat included a lineup of runners who were less than half her age.

Spoiler: Ida didn’t win—but she did beat her age group’s record by eight seconds, clocking in at 51 seconds. Watch the clip below to see her cross the finish line. I dare you to not get goosebumps.