Check Your Email—Broad Street Lottery Winners Are Being Notified Today

Emails are going out today to lottery winners. A full results list will be posted tomorrow.

The results of the first-ever Broad Street Run lottery are set to be posted on the race’s website tomorrow morning. However, you may receive an email today indicating that you’ve been selected.

I just received an email from—the sender appeared as Registrations—that contained my receipt for the Broad Street Run registration fee. As you remember from entering the lottery, you had to include information for a credit card number that would only be charged if you were accepted into the race. So … I’m taking this as a good sign.

Keep your eyes peeled today for a similar email. The subject line is this semi-confusing jumble: MARATHONGUIDE COM / Web Marketing Associates Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation.

According to race organizers, the final results—which will be a list of everyone who entered and whether they were accepted or not—will be posted on the race website tomorrow, Tuesday the 19th, by 10 a.m.

UPDATE: Ah, silly me. I just checked my spam folder and found an email from the race itself congratulating me on being accepted. The sender for that one is, and the subject line is a self-explanatory “Blue Cross Broad Street Run Lottery Acceptance.” So you may want to peruse those spam emails if you’re unsure.

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