The Checkup: New Wrangler Jeans Promise to Moisturize Legs, Reduce Cellulite

No, this is not a joke.

• There are lots of products bearing weight-loss or body-trimming claims that just make me laugh. Skechers Tone-Ups, for example. Or the Shake Weight. But a new line of Wrangler jeans called Denim Spa might take the cake. The jeans, which come infused with moisturizers, supposedly keep your legs feeling silky smooth. One, called Smooth Legs, actually promises to reduce cellulite. With the right care (i.e. spraying the moisturizing “finishes” on your pants every few washes), the effects can last up to 95 washes. Denim Spa model Lizzie Jagger  (who is already super skinny, I should add) says in a promo video,”After a day wearing them, my legs feel great—they come out feeling more silky than usual.” Whaddaya think, Be Wellers? You buying it?

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