The Checkup: Want to Boost Productivity? Watch Cute Cats on YouTube

Don't worry, dog people—puppy videos would work, too, according to new research.

• Thank you, Men’s Health, for the tip on this study out of Japan, which found that viewing warm-and-fuzzies-inducing images or videos—in other words, cute ones—can actually improve your work performance. In the study, researchers had subjects view either cute or neutral images then take tests to evaluate things like speed and focus. The subjects who viewed the cute images were more accurate than the controls. Why? “When you perceive an object as ‘cute’, you actually feel attached and are concerned with protecting it, since you view it as fragile,” reports Men’s Health. “And as a result, since that delicate image is on your mind, you proceed to act with greater caution and precision.” So here you go. Tell you’re boss he or she is welcome.

• Ladies, if you just had a baby and feel all out of sorts, don’t worry—that’s totally normal. A new study found that it takes new moms almost five months (!) to adjust to motherhood. More here.

• You know how when you page through Vogue you suddenly feel kinda … er, fat and gross in comparison to all the supermodels? Yeah. We’ve all been there. If you’ve ever acted on any of that “you’re too fat!” pressure, you might have your genes to blame. New research shows that some of that “thin-ideal” susceptibility may have to do with genetic makeup. More here.

Photo: Shutterstock