The Checkup: Men’s Health Gives Philly an ‘F’ for Heart Health

On a list ranking 100 cities according to the health of their tickers, Philly came in last.

• Oh, my. If Men’s Health is to be believed, we’re in some serious heart failure, Philly. In its ranking of cities according to heart health, Philly came in 100th out of … 100. So, last—dead last. Along with cities like Tulsa, Buffalo and Baltimore, we earned a failing grade for heart health. The magazine determined cities’ heart-health rankings by looking at a variety of data, including heart-disease death rates (of course), as well as things like smoking and obesity rates and the number of people who don’t exercise and have high cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes, among other factors. The brown-nosers who passed with A+’s include San Francisco (how could you not have a strong ticker with all those hills??), Colorado Springs, and Portland, Oregon. The full list is here.

• Ever feel like you’re fighting an internal battle every time you’re faced with dietary temptation—like, say, when a giant piece of chocolate cake is put in front of you? Well, turns out you totally are doing battle with yourself—at least, in your brain—according to new research.

• Check out this CNN headline: “Little-known fecal transplant cures woman’s bacterial infection.” I mean, how could you not click?