See Mom Run: Robin’s Back with a New Blog Series!

She's baaaaack—and we couldn't be happier. Check out Robin Raskin's new series See Mom Run, tackling all things healthy-family and documenting her journey to a healthier Raskin household.

Meet Robin's adorable kids, Olivia and Eli.

Hello to one and all, and happy September! I told you I’d be back and, not wanting to break anyone’s heart or any promises, here I am! First, let’s get ourselves back up to speed, shall we? Throw the newbies a bone, and all that.


Hi! My name is Robin, and I was Be Well Philly’s weight loss blogger from last December until June. I pretty much spent seven months laughing, crying, cooking, and sweating off 10 pounds. Along the way I went from making excuses to making some major life changes and becoming someone I never knew I could be. (Go on … high five your monitor. You know you want to.). Just one pound short of my goal weight, I went on hiatus and shipped off to overnight camp with the kiddos, where I was in charge of special events.

I started off strong (see my husband, Eric’s, report on my progress), eating well, exercising, and eating KIND Bars like they were going out of style. But after about two weeks of thinking that I had this thing in the bag, it all went downhill and the weight started to creep back on. Not being in control of my own schedule and food made keeping the weight off virtually impossible. Was I disappointed in myself? Sure. Was I going to let it ruin my life? Nope.

The thing is, last summer when I got home from camp at the heaviest (non-preggo) I had ever been, I had no idea how to fix it. This time I had all the tools I needed at my disposal, so I got right to work. I jumped back on to start tracking my eating and exercise, went to the gym and started classes and running again (I’m back up to a 5K!), and reconnected with my ladies on my recipe swap group and started cooking again. Although I’m not yet quite back to where I’d like to be, I’m happy to report that the scale is moving in the right direction and I know that the rest will fall into place. If only the rest of my life would follow suit …

So I get home from camp and, voila, I get a phone call saying that I am being let go from my camp job. The best part? My husband is recently unemployed, as well. Lucky for me, I have this amazing forum from which I can shout from the rooftops:


Okay, okay, we’re not totally down-and-out. We have interviews lined up and several promising prospects. Still, at the moment, we’re both in job-hunting mode. So … If you know of anything, help a sista out, will ya?

Moving on …

You would think that this situation would plunge me into a deep depression, the only remedy for which would be to shove my face into a monstrous bowl of Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie—but you would be wrong. It has set me on the path to empowerment. I am sending out resumes daily. My eating has been clean (but tasty, thanks to and within normal caloric boundaries. I have been going to the gym every other day, if not more often (being unemployed allows that kind of time in one’s schedule). I have goals, people. The first of which is to, um, be gainfully employed. And the second is to rent a house at the shore next summer, which, well, requires money, so I need to get moving. The loose change jar ain’t gonna fill itself!

So now that you are all caught up on my life, it’s time to talk about this here column. We decided to switch up the topic because, really, how often can you read about what I’m shoving down my gullet and the exercise I’m doing to make up for it? Instead, I’m moving into uncharted waters for both myself and for Be Well Philly by writing a … wait for it … Healthy Mommy blog!!


Okay, okay … so there are, like, a million Mommy Blogs out there. Why should you put your life on hold for five minutes and read mine? For my returning readers, it’s because you’ve stuck with me up until this point (thanks!). For you first-timers, it’s because I’m wicked-hilarious and will surprise and delight you with every turn of phrase. Or because you happened onto this post by accident and you want to read on to find out if I’m really as insane as I seem.

Either way, I promise witty banter, stories galore about trying to get my kids to eat foods that aren’t white, tales about my attempts to maintain some semblance of fitness and balance in my life while having a full-time (from my fingers to God’s ears) career, two crazy kids, a husband and a ridiculously handsome dog. I will also be commenting on things I see and hear around town. So if you’ve ever read something and thought “I wonder what Robin would think of that” (no doubt this has happened to all of you at least once), you are about to find out. Lucky you.

And with that, I leave you. It’s good to be back and I look forward to seeing where this new column takes me!


Robin Raskin lives with her family in Bucks County. She blogs every Thursday on Be Well Philly.