The Checkup: North Americans Account for One-Third of World’s Obesity

Collectively, the global population is 17 million tons overweight, according to a new study.

• Telling Americans they’re fat is like beating a dead horse at this point. So why not look at the numbers a bit differently to shake things up? That’s just what a research team from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine did, using countries’ BMI and height data to calculate average adult body mass. What they found is, as a whole, earth’s population is 17 million tons overweight, and that’s largely due to North Americans whom, despite comprising just 6 percent of the total population of the world, account for a third of its obesity. Put into perspective, reports Gawker, Asians make up 61 percent of the earth’s population, but contribute to only 13 percent of its obesity. As part of the study, researchers also calculated the global body weight average: 137 pounds. Guess how much the average North American weighs? 178 pounds. Read the Gawker recap here, and check out the study abstract here.

• Okay, now for some good news: The U.S. smoking rate is down, and physical activity among young Americans is up, according to a new CDC report. Of course, our diabetes and obesity rates are still through the roof, but you already knew that.

• If you’re jonesing for a donut, maybe try it in liquid form instead—or not. Glazed-donut vodka sounds utterly disgusting to me, even if it saves you a few calories.