The Checkup: Pizza Vending Machines Are Coming to America

Hot, fresh-made pies from a machine—exactly what you always wanted.

• I actually found this story by way of a nutritionist friend on Facebook whose comment was: “One word: Nasty.” I have to agree. I’d honestly think this was a complete and total joke if (a) today happened to be April Fool’s Day or (b) I’d seen the story in a less reputable source than the Los Angeles Times. But since neither of these things happen to be the case, I will go ahead and report this as fact: Pizza vending machines are coming to America, people. The company that makes them, Let’s Pizza, claims they’re already a big hit in Europe, including Italy, which I find hard to believe. According to the ad, the selling points of the pies include that they are made fresh to order in mere minutes (dough included), they can be topped with up to 200 ingredients, and they are “untouched by human hands.” I kid you not. Watch the weird overdubbed video below, then tell me your thoughts in the comments.

• Well, this just seems unfair: Male doctors make on average about $12,000 more annually than female doctors, a new study found. Of course, doctors in general make about 85 times what I’ll ever hope to scrape together in my lifetime, so you won’t find me boohooing too much here.

• The Science of Cuteness has been unearthed, thanks to the shiba inu puppy cam—the internet’s best invention ever.