The Checkup: Guys Smell Worse Than Old People, Study Says

That weird smell? It's not coming from Grandma.

• My dear friend, Gretchen, who works with the elderly, would be first to point out that old people don’t smell—despite what popular opinion holds. And she’s right: A new study found that, while older, middle-aged, and younger people smell different from each other, old people don’t, in fact, smell the worst. That award goes to middle-age men. Surprised? Researchers, which included some here in Philly, came to the conclusion after having subjects rate the intensity and unpleasantness of scent samples from younger, middle-age, and elderly men and women. Women, no matter their age, gave off neutral smells with mild intensity. Both elderly men and women gave off the same neutral/mild odors. But men during their younger and middle age years gave off scents rated more intense and unpleasant, with the odors getting progressively worse through middle age. Says study author Johan Lundstrom to NPR: “If you look at the guys, they’re getting stinky and even more stinky from young to middle age.”

• Headline: “Michigan OK’s medical marijuana for 44 children” Wait, whaaa?

• Say what you will about President Obama and his politics, but his family is absolutely heartwarming to me. That’s mainly due to Michelle Obama, who, by all accounts, is just about the best Mom/Wife Role Model a country could ask for. NPR recently posted a story which delved into the Obamas’ dinner-eating habits. It reported that Michelle mandates family dinners as often as her husband’s schedule allows, she loads her family’s plates up with lots of veggies, and she isn’t afraid to let them indulge in treats (burgers, fries, ice cream) every now and then. Gosh, I love that woman.