The Checkup: The Hunger Games Made Archery Cool

USA Archery wrote a thank-you note to author Suzanne Collins. Emily Post would be proud.

• Forgive me for sounding like my grandfather (or, more specifically, my husband’s Main Line grandmother), but nobody writes proper thank-you notes anymore. Which is why when USA Archery took the time to pen (okay, fine, type) a thank-you note to Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins, my cackles of my heart were positively warmed. See, a funny little thing happened after HG: The Movie came out last month: Archery—a sport quite possibly more underrated than fencing and bull-riding—suddenly became cool. (I was going to add “again” at the end there but, honestly, archery was never cool in the first place.) It’s awesome timing for the World of Archery considering the sport will make an appearance at the Olympics this summer and, because of its newfound fame, might even score a few precious broadcast minutes from NBC. USA Archery posted its thank-you note to Ms. Collins on Here’s my favorite part:

When Katniss Everdeen started brandishing her bow and arrows on movie screens across America, our phones began (literally, began) ringing nonstop. You’d think our phones were tracker jackers, they frightened us so much those first couple rings.

• Gah! Los Vegas’ Heart Attack Grill claimed its second victim! We get the joke, HAG—you make 10,000-calorie burgers. But seriously, when will the insanity end? Someone close this place already.

• Hats off to fashion designer Mark Fast for using “full-figured” models in his runway shows. But pardon me while I gag on the phrase “full-figured” because there’s nothing full (a.k.a. fat) about these ladies—they’re just (gasp!) healthy looking.