The Checkup: Can Red Wine Curb Obesity?

A new study found that a red-wine compound stops fat cells in their tracks.

• I love when I can kick your week off with some awesome news about alcohol. In the latest installment of unofficial series, “Why Red Wine Is Good For You,” there’s this: Researchers at Purdue found that a compound found in red wine actually blocks the formation of fat cells, preventing them from developing and growing. Surprisingly, the compound isn’t resveratrol this time; it’s one similar in structure called piceatannol, which is also found in varying amounts in blueberries, passion fruit, and other fruits. Interestingly, though, the human body turns resveratrol into piceatannol after consumption. Neat, huh? Based on this study, it looks like piceatannol impacts the fat-cell-maturation process during its early stages, either slowing it down significantly or halting it in its tracks. If the study can be replicated and if piceatannol can flourish in the human body in large concentrations, the research could open up new doors to treating obesity. Read more about the fascinating work over here.

• A word of caution if you’re trying to conceive: Exercise is good for you, but only if you don’t overdo it. New research found that women who take on moderate exercise regimes have an easier time becoming pregnant, than those who work out vigorously.

• Stop what you’re doing and check out this awesome photo collection called the Evolution of Cheerleaders. 1) The first batch are all guys, so that’s interesting, and 2) the 1940s squads seem the most lady-like.