The Checkup: Skin Cancer Up Among Young Adults

"There's no such thing as a healthy baseline tan," says a Mayo Clinic dermatologist. Drat!

• Whether or not you’ve said it aloud, you’ve always known there’s no such thing as a “healthy” tan. The Mayo Clinic went ahead and confirmed as much with a new study, which found that skin cancer rates among young women have increased eightfold since 1970 and, in the same period, quadrupled for young men. The study was small—it gleaned data from the health histories of less than 300 people in Minnesota—but researchers say it’s demonstrative of a larger trend among men and women in their 20s and 30s. Although they didn’t dive into the causes, they point their fingers at tanning beds. The good news is, in the same period, death rates from melanoma have simultaneously fallen—which means early detection and treatment are doing their jobs.

• If you’re struggling with infertility, there’s hope. A study in Australia found that a quarter of women with histories of infertility still manage to have children naturally, without the use of fertility treatments.

• Bummer: the FDA denied a petition to ban BPA from food packaging.