The Checkup: Mom Calls Seven-Year-Old Daughter ‘Fat’ in Vogue

Oh, and now she has a book deal.

• Have you followed this whole kerfuffle over Vogue’s April issue, in which a Manhattan socialite writes about her seven-year-old’s weight issues, bemoaning the fact that her daughter is “fat”—and calling her such repeatedly—and describing how she humiliates and deprives little Bea in order to get her down to a more ideal weight? Yeah. That happened. The most heartbreaking part is when Bea, after losing weight for the Vogue photo shoot and looking at a picture of her former self, says, “”That’s still me … I’m not a different person just because I lost sixteen pounds.” Her mom, of course, happily begs to differ. So here’s the thing: people are pissed about this story, and have been wildly talking about it for the past week or so. But now there’s a new twist: the mother, Dara-Lynn Weiss, has apparently landed a book deal with Random House. As New York Magazine reports, her memoir, aptly titled Heavy, is described by the publisher as “an experience that epitomizes the modern parenting ‘damned if you do/damned if you don’t’ predicament.” How about “damned if you’re the jerk who writes about her kid’s waistline and your bad parenting tactics in an international magazine story that will follow her for the rest of her life”? I mean, one couldn’t possibly be surprised that there’d be outrage over such thing? Right?

• In other news, sleep deprivation is obviously a problem—one that comes with a host of documented health issues—but now researchers say too much sleep (we’re talking eight or more hours, here) is also a problem. It can raise a person’s risk for heart problems.

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