Your Mission: Find Philly’s Heart Defibrillators

There's $10,000 at stake.

I bet you’ve walked by an automated external defibrillator (AED)—those machines that deliver a shock to the heart when it stops beating—a hundred times without noticing it. In a park. At your gym. At work.

Now’s the time to start noticing.

A team at Penn Medicine launched a public challenge this fall to locate every AED in Philadelphia County. They’re calling it My Heart Map, and with the data they gather, they hope to create a smartphone app that charts and tracks the exact location of the heart-jolting devices to allow users to find them easily in the event of an emergency. Philly is the first city they’re focusing on, but the goal is to expand the initiative to other metro areas across the country.

To sweeten the pot, Penn’s offering a grand prize—to the tune of $10,000—to one lucky challenge participant; others who find so-called “golden” AEDs (Willy Wonka, much?) will win $50 each. All you have to do is snap a photo when you spot one, answer a few questions about its location, and submit it to the database.

You can sign up for the challenge here. Read more about it here.