Insta-Zen: Yoga Poses You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime

Close your eyes and say it with me: ommmm.

I’m starting to feel the holiday frenzy already: the Christmas displays at the mall, commercials on TV, invitations to holiday parties, wish lists, to-do lists … Sigh.

When stress hits, I need to unwind—fast. I turned on One Yoga Philly’s Jen McGowen for Zen-inducing poses I can do anywhere, anytime.

Heart opener » While seated, inhale and extend arms behind you, palms out. Press shoulders down and keep your chest high. Breathe deeply and hold for several beats.



Tree pose » Stand with the left foot firmly planted. Bend the right leg, resting your foot on the left calf. Bring palms together at chest height, as if praying. Hold for several breaths, then switch legs.




Seated handstand » Sit with feet planted. While inhaling, slowly draw straight arms overhead, flexing wrists. Relax the face and shoulder muscles. Breathe deeply; repeat.