The Checkup: Man Seeks Medical Treatment After Eating Pubic Hair

It's gross, yes—but would you go to the hospital?

I'll never look at an egg sandwich the same way again.

• I feel for police officer Jeremy Merck, I really do. But if I found pubic hair in my food, I don’t I’d go to the hospital to seek treatment; it wouldn’t even cross my mind. But Merck did just that last year when he discovered a host of body hairs (chest and pubic, they think) in his egg and cheese sandwich at a South Jersey deli—hairs that were put there on purpose in retaliation for Merck’s previous arrest of Ryan Burke, the cook, for a traffic violation. Naturally, he’s suing Burke and the deli who employed him (I’d probably do the same), but I really, truly don’t think I would have sought medical attention for ingesting the hairs themselves. You?

• Hey moms, are your kids defiant? Hate to tell ya, but they might have gotten that from you.

• Scientists discovered a new Ebola-like virus in bats in northern Spain. Experts noticed that lots of bats were suddenly dying off, so a team of US and Spanish scientists were dispatched to investigate. The virus they found is related to Ebola, which had a 90 percent mortality rate during its first outbreak in humans in 1976. They’re thinking the new virus, called Lloviu after the cave in which the bats were discovered, is just as deadly.

• On a happier note, Bernie, the two-year-old pit bull who made headlines in August after undergoing a first-of-its-kind stem-cell treatment for severely burned paws, is up for adoption in Berks County. Just look at that faaaaaaace.