The Checkup: Pregnant Woman Runs Marathon, Gives Birth

In that order

Photograph from Thinkstock Images

• Of course this happened: A woman who was 38 weeks and five days pregnant ran the Chicago Marathon on Sunday and—shocker!—gave birth hours after crossing the finish line. She reported starting to feel contractions near the end of the race, and popped a baby girl out at 10:39 that night. Apparently, her doctor had advised her to only run the half marathon, but after completing 13.1, she decided to just, um, go for it. I suppose that’s one way to jump start the birthing process.

• Well, that was fast. First monkeys, and a now a quadriplegic man in Pittsburgh has successfully manipulated a robotic arm using only his brain. “The goal,” as this article puts it, “is a Star Trek-like melding of mind and machine.”

• Eat up, ladies. A new study found that eating two chocolate bars a week might cut your stroke risk by 20 percent.