The Check-Up: A Dashboard Breathalyzer to Stem Drunk Driving

The Dutch are trying it—but something tells me this wouldn't fly in the US

Photograph from iStockphoto

• The cars of convicted drunk drivers in the Netherlands will soon be outfitted with a mini-breathalyzer device called an “alcolock.” Drivers will have to breathe into the contraption before their car will turn on; if it registers that the person is drunk—he or she must be more than six times over the legal limit—the engine will lock and the car won’t turn on. Think we’d ever try something like this in the US?

• In other news, some smartypants has figured out a way to turn an iPhone camera into a microscope. The hack? A teeny, tiny lens.

• And remember yesterday when I told you that having skinny parents might make you thinner? Well, it seems that having an older dad might also make you dumber.