A Lottery Jennifer Aniston Will Want to Play

Every month, a new chance to win a baby!

From the land of Harry Potter comes a marvelous new instance of witchcraft. Want a baby but can’t have one? Now you can win one in a lottery! The national Gambling Commission has issued a license permitting British fertility charity To Hatch to run a monthly lottery, starting July 30th, that will provide winning ticket-buyers with £25,000 (about U.S. $40,000) in fertility treatments—donor sperm, donor eggs, donor embryos, in-vitro fertilization, even a surrogate mom if that’s what it takes to fill your bassinet. Talk about PowerBalls.

Camille Strachan, founder of To Hatch, explains that National Health Service budget cuts have put IVF out of reach for struggling couples, at £5,000 per round. But it’s not just couples who’ll be able to buy baby tickets at the local newsstand or tobacco shop; spinsters, gay folks, and 80-year-old wannabe mommies will be allowed to play, too, for £20 a shot. Along with your adorable windfall, you’ll get a night in a luxury hotel, a chauffeur to drive you to the clinic for treatment, and even a cell phone to keep you in touch with your physicians.

What’s next when it comes to lottery prizes? Kidneys? AK-47s? A Harvard education? Oh, wait—that one’s already a game of chance.