What Golfer Dads Want This Father’s Day: A Lower Score

Meet the local pro who can help him shed strokes while shedding pounds

Going to a golf-geared personal trainer to improve your golf game is a lot like going to … a personal trainer. He visits. You move. He watches. You meet again. You work out. Here’s the difference, though: After those workouts, you’re not just in better shape—you’re also a better golfer because everything you do in the gym is tailored to strengthening your score card. The result: Your scores are lower. Your handicap is higher. And, when you’re back at the clubhouse after a round, you’re happy, not frustrated, energized, not exhausted.

Our recommendation for getting your game at least closer to par? Roxborough-based, Center City- and Chestnut Hill-working Rob Licata, who’s certified in such stuff by the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the Titleist Performance Institute. His first session is short—maybe 15 minutes—just the right amount of time for him to assess how your body drives and putts and even just walks a course. He’ll notice right away whether your hamstrings, spine and shoulders are flexible enough, whether your back and arms are strong enough. When he returns to work you out, he’s building your muscles, increasing your endurance, improving your flexibility—and bringing you one step closer to pure on-and-off-the-greens body bliss.

$30 for initial evaluation, $75 for 45-minute, $85 for 60-minute, $90 for 75-minute training sessions, 570-817-7148, roblicata.blogspot.com.