Jenna’s BCBSR Diary, Week 1: Why Did I Decide to Run Broad Street Again?

It's one week into training, and my brain seems intent on boycotting my runs

Jenna Bergen

Today was my first official training day for Broad Street. And, while I am very excited to have secured a spot in the now sold-out race, I have to admit: I was slightly dreading it. After completing the half marathon in November, I kept up my running until the holidays hit. Then, thanks to the dark morning hours and numerous snow storms Philly was whacked with this season, I traded my outdoor mileage for Spinning and other group classes. I also had been experiencing a little pain in my right hip since crossing the finish line in November, so I figured giving my body a break from the constant pounding of running before beginning to train for BS would be a good thing. (I ran Broad Street for the first time last year and absolutely loved it, which you can read all about here.)

However, as the start of training neared, the idea of having to build my mileage back up to 10 miles was starting to seem a little daunting. So, to make sure my brain and body adjusts back to the rigors of running slowly, I decided to follow the beginner training schedule, at least to start. So today I only had to run two miles—a drop in the bucket compared to the 13 I had run only a few months before.

So, I started slowly—a 5.0, a mere jog—and began to build speed throughout the first mile. As usual, once my body warmed up, I felt really good. I finished the run at 6.0, and even pushed it up to a 6.5 for a few intervals. Not bad for my first run!

I was supposed to run at least two miles today, but I really was in the mood for a Spin class. So, I decided to appease myself and decided I would run today’s run tomorrow. However, when I arrived at the gym I was told Spinning was canceled. Boo! “Guess I will be running today,” I thought.  I hopped on the treadmill and got into a pretty good groove. I was at 1.5 miles when the instructor showed up. Ha! Class was going to happen. I decided to finish my run quickly and hopped on a bike. I left feeling amazing. I crossed off my two miles and torched calories in Spin class. Such a great cardio day!

Today was crazy-busy at work so I decided to take a rest day. After yesterday’s workout, I thought I deserved it!

Today was supposed to be my rest day, but since I took off Thursday and I knew I’d be busy on Saturday, I decided to get my long run out of the way. I did three miles. It felt great, despite the fact I’m still on a treadmill. I cannot wait until it’s bright and sunny when I get home from work!

I’m scheduled for a personal training session at Platoon Fitness tomorrow evening, so I decided to run Monday’s run today. I was still indoors, but thanks to today’s torrential downpours, I was very thankful for not having to brave the elements. I was feeling a little pain in my knee yesterday, so I didn’t push too hard today. Still, three miles down!