A Mattress Made for Athletes

Sleep better, work out harder

There’s no shortage of sport-specific gear that promises to help you train smarter and go longer, and now, thanks to New Hope’s 17-year-old Phil Carlitz, there’s even a Sports Mattress. It’s claim: you’ll fall asleep faster, stay in deep sleep longer, and return to workouts feeling more refreshed and with fewer aches and pains. The idea came to the young marathon promoter (Carlitz organizes 26.2-milers in Thailand to raise funds for Thai orphans, an achievement that’s landed the teen in Runner’s World magazine twice) after hearing his mom complain about soreness post-run.

How’s it work? Steel rods (covered in comfy padding, of course), support the heaviest parts of the body, keeping the spine straight and lessening back pain and stiffness that’s often caused by misalignment. Additionally, a patented quilting system reduces pressure points along the spine. This keeps blood flowing to extremities, preventing arms and legs from falling asleep—a common culprit of snooze-disrupting tossing and turning. And, according to Kevin Monigori, a personal trainer from New Hope who’s been catching Zs on the Sports Mattress for the past six months, it actually works: “My lower-back and shoulder pain have completely subsided, and I have more energy for my workouts.” $1,700 to $2,200, available at Sports Mattress, 826 Bustleton Avenue and 1375 Jersey Avenue, North Brunswick, New Jersey; 800-526-5116, sportsmattress.com.