Yoga Classes! Running Clubs! Healthy Lunch Spots!

Why I heart the February issue

Pick up a copy of the February issue today!

When I look at the February issue of Philly Mag, I feel proud, thrilled and excited all at the same time. Why? Because fitness, a topic that has been overlooked and ignored in our lovely city for far, far too long, made the cover. And not just in the form of a little, throwaway coverline—the beautiful, strong, impossibly long-limbed Katelyn Prominski from the Pennsylvania Ballet is smack-dab on the front. There is a wellness revolution happening in and around our city, and the feature story, “Welcome to Fitadelphia (No, Seriously),” covers all that’s been developing: An enthusiastic, dedicated running community; nearly uncountable yoga and Pilates classes; more and more healthy food options; scores of fun dance classes; some of the best, life-changing instructors; and more. Sure, we have a long way to go to get our city healthy, but the seeds of fitness have been planted and have definitely taken root. I cannot wait to see the healthy changes our city makes in the years to come, but, for now, I just want you to enjoy the issue! Go on out there and pick up a copy. Show us you want to read about health and fitness, and we’ll keep  putting it out there for you.