What I’m Shopping For: Winter Yoga Wear

Toss a cute cardigan like this one from J. Crew over a pair of tights to stay warm to and from yoga class.

Last weekend I stopped by NoLibs’ Sankhya Yoga School & Wellness Center for a Sunday stretch session. Besides the fact that classes are always only $7—yes, $7!—the space is full of character (which, to me, is much more preferable than a just-built, zero-personality spot any day). It has old wood floors, brick walls and high ceilings—which means it’s super-drafty in the winter. The plus side: you can wear lots of adorable, cuddly layers to class. Girls were dressed in everything from shrugs and legwarmers to long, loose cardigans and tights.  It totally put me in the mood to go shopping for a few key pieces of winter yoga wear (check them out in the slide show below), as well as unearth a few well-loved cardigans from the back of my closet.

What are you wearing to stay warm at yoga this season?