Will You Work Out On Christmas Day?

Local fitness pros share whether or not they'll break a sweat on December 25

To work out out or to not work out on Christmas Day? On one hand, lacing up those sneakers for an early, Christmas morning run can set the rest of the day off on the right foot (i.e., there’ll be less chance you’ll scarf down the chocolate goodies in your stocking before breakfast). And of course, burning a few extra calories before sitting down to a daylong feast equipped with mass amounts of eggnog and cookies can never be a bad idea. But between traveling to Grandma’s and opening presents with your loved ones, who has the time to work out? And besides, after the busy days leading up to Christmas, shouldn’t it be the one day you give your body a vacation?

Surprisingly, it’s a question that not even Philly fitness buffs can agree on. Here’s what they had to say:

“You should work out on Christmas Day! Wake up, eat a light breakfast, and get a 30- to 60-minute workout in. Then, you’ve gotten it out of the way and have the rest of the day to spend with family and friends. Plus, the Christmas meal later in the day can be an effective tool for post-workout muscle recovery!” — Shannon Feck, a certified fitness trainer, Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center, 1632 Pine Street, 215-735-7992, rwwc.com.

“A Christmas Day workout can make you feel healthy, energized and confident. One of my personal favorites is a quiet, early morning run on Christmas day. The special feeling in the calm air gives me time to think about the year behind me and the one ahead of me.” — Eve Gordon, certified personal trainer, Rittenhouse Women’s Wellness Center.

“I personally never work out on Christmas Day and I usually tell my clients to take a day off. Taking a day off isn’t a bad thing. Often times, the person comes back stronger after taking time off.”— Phil Nicolaou. M.S. CPT.MCPT., personal trainer, 610-574-3587, philnicolaou.com.

“Many people have very low-key Christmas day plans, and a workout is a great way to get your metabolism going on what could be a very lazy day. … On the other hand … isn’t ripping into presents enough of a workout?” — Ann Gruber, personal trainer and nutrition coach, anngruber.com.

“In my humble opinion, you should rest. Christmas Day should be spent with family and friends. Enjoy the holiday, celebrate tradition, bake cookies with your kids! Get back on the wagon the very next day.” — Lauren Boggi, Lithe Method, various locations, lithemethod.com.

“A great workout with friends and family is a present in itself! I usually get fitness-related gifts so just like a 5-year-old I want to bust it out and use it!” — Holly Waters, Sweat Fitness Center City, 1425 Arch Street, 215-564-0303, sweatfitness.com.

So what do you think about working up a sweat on Christmas Day, Be Wellers? Will you include a workout in your Christmas Day plans? Tell us in the comments below!