Wellness Tip of the Day No. 38: Eat With Awareness

Illustration by Justin RenningerPaying attention to how you eat helps you become aware of how much you eat. Think about these questions to become more aware of your eating style.

•    Do you always eat on the run or when you’re driving?
•    Are you a fast or slow eater?
•    Do you eat what is served or pay attention to your hunger?
•    Do you take large or small bites of food?
•    What do you typically eat first? Vegetable, protein or starch?
•    Do you go back for seconds if a food tastes good regardless of your hunger level?
•    Do you wait until you are overly hungry before eating?
•    Do you set aside a time and place to eat or continue what you’re doing (watching television, talking on the phone, working, etc.)

— UnitedHealthcare