Team WMMR Update: Week No. 1

WMMR's intern shares how BWP's Office Challenge team from the "Preston & Steven" show is trimming down and shaping up

We are all excited to get the contest underway. This whole time we have been mentally preparing for the contest. Today we took the time to talk out loud about our goals and we believe in each other to support us reaching our goals.

Talk about a test. Today so much food was brought in from Dave and Busters. They brought ribs, pretzels, cookies and filled our green room full of goodies. One of our teammates Nick ate a cookie. The willpower the rest of us showed was at such a high level of commitment.

Getting to the gym has been tough, especially this week. Most of our team (Preston, Steve, Casey,  Kathy, Nick, Chuck, and Marisa) started making our new Office Calender this week and have been on site for the production directly after the show.  Pierre has been on vacation and I (intern Jake) have struggled with time management.

Luckily no food came into the studio today. The office calender production is still going on, so that means the whole morning crew goes to the site directly after the show for production. The crew are all scrambling to find days and times that work within each other’s schedule. Tonight, I am nervous because my band plays at 11 in Delaware and I’m worried about eating after the show.

It has been really hard for me to get motivated to go to the gym but I will overcome it and I have been talking to the personal trainer about meeting very soon. I have been on a good diet but I know that will not be enough. Pierre is almost back from vacation. Matt Cord and Marisa have begun working hard. Casey is taking this very seriously. The rest of the gang is still on site for making the calender directly after the show.

Today I had a family party with so much good food. I had to restrain myself and eventually walk away from the delicious dips and bread. Casey had a birthday party where he struggled with eating healthy. Oddly, we are looking forward to Monday and the continuation of our routine. Where we all have better planned out meals and dont have as many temptations.

I have to show more discipline in eating. I am pretty tired from not having a good nights sleep. I need to get more active and do things outside. Kathy is doing well with dieting and can’t wait to work out at Sweat Fitness this week.