Office Challenge Wellness Tip of The Day No. 1: Ask Yourself These Very Important Questions

Illustration by Justin Reninger

Adopting a healthy new lifestyle will require diligence and patience. Changing old habits and learning new skills is not always easy. Think about why you are ready for change and challenges that you may encounter. Answer these questions and feel free to post your responses in the comments!

1. What do you hope to achieve by participating in Philadelphia magazine’s Be Well Philly Office Challenge Presented by United Healthcare? How would you define success?
2. What are some of your reasons for wanting to change?
3. What are some disadvantages of staying the same?
4. How confident are you that you can make lifestyle changes?
5. What changes do you think you will need to make?
6. What changes are you most likely to make?
7. How would you feel if you reached your ideal weight?
8. What are some things you could see yourself doing once you begin losing weight?
9. What kind of challenges may come up when making these changes?
10. How could you overcome these challenges?
11. Who will you turn to for support as you make changes?
12. Where is taking care of yourself on your list of priorities?
13. What can you do to create more time for taking care of yourself?

— United Healthcare

Follow along with our eight-week Office Challenge to lose weight at work!