Fitness Challenge Update: Deirdre Is Still Dropping Pounds!

It's been five months since our Fitness Challenge ended and this contestant has not only kept the weight off, but has continued to lose

Deirdre 35 pounds lighter, looking gorgeous!

This morning I had a wonderful surprise in my inbox. Deidre McCallister, the hard-working single mom from our January Fitness Challenge, had sent me an update. At the start of our Fitness Challenge, her goal was to drop pounds so she could keep up with her teenage daughter. “I want to keep up when walking and for her to understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle,” she told us in January. Now, I’m happy to report that even after our Fitness Challenge ended, Dierdre continued to apply what she learned. She writes:

I just wanted you to know that I am still on track thanks to the jumpstart from the contest. I could not afford to keep the Personal Trainer, but I am still working out. I am down to 230 pounds, last weighed in July. I started off at 295 at the beginning of the contest. Here’s an updated photo. This is an outing with my daughter. I have a goal for 200lbs. Hopefully soon.

Doesn’t she look gorgeous?!? And to know that she’s been able to keep up with her active daughter is so inspiring for anyone who’s struggling to lose weight now. Way to go, Deirdre!! We here at Be Well Philly are so proud!

Let’s all congratulate Deirdre on her hard work in the comments below and cheer her on as she continues to work toward her weight-loss goal. You can check out the nutrition and fitness program Dierdre followed during the contest and read her 8-week diary here.

Deirdre before the contest, posing with her daughter

This makes me even more excited—and trust me, I’m already pumped—about our upcoming Be Well Philly Office Challenge Presented by United Healthcare, which kicks off on September 13th. Stay tuned!

PS. I want your Before & After stories and photos! Email me them at if you’d like to share your story with the rest of our Be Well community.