Pics From Lululemon’s First Annual Ambassador Summit

Best of Philly trainer Holly Waters shares what it was like to attend last week's Lululemon summit in Vancouver

2010 Lululemon Summit

I was honored to join the Lululemon family as an ambassador last year and, to top it all off, I had the opportunity to meet my extended family last week at Lululemon Athletica’s First Annual Ambassador Summit in Vancouver.

Lululemon is more than just a store, it is a culture.  We ambassadors are more than just our pictures on the wall.  We are living the Lululemon culture and are committed to developing others and elevating ourselves.

Lululemon supports our goals and dreams.  They support us to reach out to the community to motivate people to take the next step toward achieving the fun-filled life, full of love and fitness, that we all deserve.

The summit last week brought over 100 ambassadors from across the country together to meet, greet and create.  We brought home the desire to create a difference in our communities, better those around us and to touch the hearts of all the people that are interested in living their best lives.

Enjoy the pictures of my inspirational family reunion up in Canada (home of Lululemon) and check out their website to find what’s happening in your local Lululemon community.  See what’s happening in the city and HOP IN! It’s super fun ….and it’s time! — Holly Waters, Sweat Fitness