Move Over, Cheesesteaks. Philly Is a Salad Town

A recent survey pegged the City of Brotherly Love as one of the top salad-eating cities in the country. (Yes, salads, and yes, they mean us)

You’ve probably heard it ad nauseam: Philly is fat, Philly is out of shape, Philly eats too many cheesesteaks. But the next time one of these remarks come your way you can happily state at least one positive health fact right back: Philly is also one of the nation’s top markets for salads.

In an internal, independent study released on Tuesday, July 27, by Dole Fresh Vegetables, the world’s largest producer of fresh fruits and veggies, researchers concluded that not only do Philadelphians eat more salads per person than other city dwellers across the U.S., they also have some of the highest untapped salad potential in the country.  “Despite its reputation for local cuisine, Philadelphia is among the most sophisticated salad markets in the country and home to an increasing number of salad lovers,” said Chris Mayhew, senior brand manager for Dole Fresh Vegetables, in Tuesday’s press release. “Our research found that salad consumers here are much more likely to use salad as a meal or as the basis for creative new lunch and dinner entrees. From a salad standpoint, the City of Brotherly Love is a trendsetter.”

The results were “based on a combination of per-capita consumption, consumption potential and local consumer willingness to try new salad blends and experiment with salads in the kitchen.”

Of course, what you put on the salad makes or breaks its calorie count. But, still. A bed of veggies is much better than a soggy sub roll. And we here at Be Well have certainly noticed some long lines at our favorite salad spots—Gia Pronto, Coventry, to name a few—around lunch time.

So Be Wellers, what do you think? Where’s your favorite place to grab a salad in and around Philly?