Great Gifts for Health-Minded Moms

She carried you for nine months and then clothed and fed you for the next 18 years. Here, 10 ways to keep your biggest fan healthy and happy

Mom’s Day is only a few days away, and if you still haven’t gotten around to figuring out what you’ll offer as a small token of thanks for all she’s done over the years, fear not. Whether she’s into yoga, gardening, running, hiking, is a crazy multi-tasker, is new to motherhood, or could use some stress-relieving pampering, we’ve found the right-around-the-corner, health-minded gifts the Mom(s) in your life will love. And yes, you can take the credit. (And yes, Moms, buying yourself a yearly après-push present is okay, too!)

— Research and slideshow by Brooke Hoffman and Nicole Jenet