Fitness Challenge on Philly FYI: We Have Our Winner!

See which one of our four contestants lost the most body fat throughout our eight-week challenge (and scored some super-cool prizes!)

Fast-forward to minute 8:15 to go right to our Fitness Challenge winner!

Congrats to Jim Schindler, our first-ever Philly Mag Fitness Challenge winner! After eight weeks of daily sweat sessions, grueling one-on-one workouts with his Sweat Trainers, and lots of smart tweaks to his previous fast-food-filled diet, Jim has cut his body fat percentage by a whopping 13 percent. “I felt fantastic when I looked at the scale today and discovered that I lost 20 pounds in eight weeks,” says Jim. “My goal of losing 26 pounds is in reach and I feel terrific. Now that I know how to exercise, I can go to the gym and burn fat and build muscle.”

Not only does Jim look better, but he feels better too. “My reward for the hard work is the increased energy that I have everyday. I no longer need a nap after work.”

His hard work has also scored him some great prizes. In addition to a free year’s membership at Sweat Fitness, Jim will also receive a one-night-stay at the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, Maryland, complete with a spa package; a $250 gift card from 3000BC WellMed Spa; and a free, at-home cooking lesson with healthy chef Katie Cavuto-Boyle of Healthy Bites. Check out his one-on-one session with Katie in the video above.

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