Jared Brey and Holly Otterbein

Donald Trump at Geno's

The No-B.S. Guide to Trump’s Impact on Philadelphia

America’s president-elect floated so many policy proposals that would impact cities like ours. Here are seven to watch closely.


The Soda Tax Battle’s Biggest Winners and Losers

Council passed the soda tax today.


How Jim Kenney’s Big Soda Tax Victory Is Upending City Hall

The battle over the levy has scattered Darrell Clarke’s once-monolithic voting bloc.


Philly Soda Tax Gets Thumbs-Up From Council

A Council panel approved the tax Wednesday.


The No-B.S. Guide to the Fight Over the Philly Soda Tax

Council is expected to make a decision today.


Now Council’s Considering a Property Tax Hike to Pay for Pre-K

Lawmakers continue to look for alternatives to Mayor Kenney’s proposed soda tax.