Fabiola Cineas

Business Editor


I Love My Job: Construction Maven Angelo Perryman Is Behind Philly’s New LOVE Park

The leader lets us in on his vision for local infrastructure and his journey leading one of the city’s most renowned family businesses.


Amazon Whisperer Scott Galloway Says Philly Has a Shot at HQ2

The NYU professor predicted Amazon would buy Whole Foods. Now he has some strong opinions about where the company’s second headquarters will land.


What the Merger of Two Healthcare Giants Could Mean for Philly Region

Walgreens is reportedly in talks to acquire Valley Forge’s AmerisourceBergen.


Report: Comcast May Make Another Play for 21st Century Fox

The telecom giant’s initial offer was turned down in December.


15+ Hustlers Who Racked Up at the Philadelphia Eagles Parade

If someone had a black duffle bag, they were definitely selling something.


Coffee Drink Created in Philly Dorm Will Appear on Shark Tank This Weekend

The entrepreneur behind "Super Coffee" eventually put off school to launch the product.


Here’s Where You Can Party With the Eagles After the Parade on Thursday

The victory celebration is just getting started, Philly.


Confirmed: Basically No One in Philly Will Be at Work on Thursday

Many employers have declared Thursday an Eagles victory work holiday. Others are getting creative with lavish work parties and three-hour lunches.


GoPuff May Have Just Proved That Super Bowl Ads Really Do Work

The company mined its data to determine which game day spots drove immediate sales for brands.


Philly Drank a Lot of Cheap Beer and Four Loko on Super Bowl Sunday

GoPuff has the ultimate ranking of the top 10 things Eagles fans ordered during the big game.


This Philly Woman Designed Cardi B’s Coat in Amazon Super Bowl Ad

Here’s how you can get your hands on her coveted designs.


You Won’t Believe How Much Lyft Tried to Charge Me on Super Bowl Sunday

Ridesharing prices reached a new high in Philly.


Former Eagles Linebacker Seth Joyner Has Choice Words for Tom Brady

He has a strong message for Eagles fans, too.


Frontier Launching New $29 Flights From Philly to 3 U.S. Cities

Here’s when they take off and to where.


Behind the Scenes: 10 Philly Startups to Watch in 2018

Here’s a look at what the team members are really like together.