Web Original: Style Report: True Religion Opens, a Visit to Reward and a Sale at Host

by admin | October 8, 2008 2:21 am

I hopped on the bus to Old City yesterday to check out Reward[1], which we told you about a last month[2]. It’s a new store on 2nd Street. It’s got a very identifiable aesthetic: Apparel that has clean lines, but up-to-date shapes in subdued colors and prints. Sorta like refined hipster. The loft-like space is airy, but not cold, and the floor is lined with a smattering of vintage shoes (of course there are new-shoe options, like Repetto flats and Faryl Robin heels). The vast selection from Opening Ceremony (it’s the only store in the area to carry the cult-followed line) is impressive. Other lines we love but don’t see ‘round these parts: Lover, Parker and Wood Wood. Owner Shari Roulin actually just got back from a buying trip in Paris and promised me there’s even more exciting stuff coming for the spring.

While in Old City I can never resist shopping for stuff for my new house. I went into Host[3], which is having a 25-percent off sale on upholstered goods (and they’ve got the coolest patterned fabrics) that runs until the 20th. If you are just in the mood for a little sprucing, they’ve got a bin of paper-white bulbs for $1 each. I was told if you put them in a shallow bowl in a little water they’ll bloom by Thanksgiving.

I also checked out the new location of Roche Bobois[4] on Arch Street. The space is massive and they’ve got a ton of products. I particularly loved their Les Provinciales collection which is a modern take on classic French design. It has the ideal pieces for that very Domino, mixy-matchy look.

True Religion[5] has opened its doors on 16th and Walnut. The store is jammed packed with lots o’denim in lots o’washes and cuts for guys and girls. They’ve got some cute-and-hip kids’ stuff, too.

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