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Danielle Isaacson & Zachary Lessman

Wedding date: December 2014
Location: Philly

How did they meet?
When I was a freshman, Zac was the person who gave safe rides for his fraternity. His job was to pick up the girls in the sorority and give them rides to where they wanted to go. He thought I was cute so he saved me in his phone as Dani F (F because I lived in Dickenson F) and I saved him as safe ride because I got a ride to a party and didnt realize in was a one weekend thing. I would text safe ride every weekend asking for a ride but safe ride would tell me that he wasnt giving safe rides and ask me what my plans were for the night. I was not interested in texting safe ride about anything but getting a safe ride so I wouldnt respond. Later that month my school had a competition called Greek God. Zac was the competitor for his fraternity and he got on stage and sang. I turned to my friend and said he is SO cute, I need to meet him. Well, a week later I was at the Ludacris concert and I went to say hi to a group of my friends. I turned to my left and the kid from the greek god competition was up next to me! I went to introduce myself to find out that he said we already knew each other and that he was safe ride. I didnt believe him until he called me infront of him and I saw on my phone it come up as safe ride. I knew it was fate right then and there. We dated all through college and now we are engaged :)

Engagment Story
The proposal was….WONDERFUL. I had night class from 4-9 so I went to class as I always do. At 9 I texted Zac and said I was on my way back to the apartment. He was already at the apartment hanging out. I told him I was hungry and asked him to put up pasta. He texted me back telling me no problem! I walked back and when I got to my door, I was in for the biggest surprise of my life. I opened the door to see a single rose on the counter and a sheet of paper. zac was no where in site. I immediately realized what was happening and just started crying. When I finally got the tears to go away I read the note, “You are about to see I wrote you a rhyme, you beet it took me a lot of time. I have a little hunt for you, it should only take you a minute or two, leave your phone and bag and wallet behind, but bring your id so you dont get fined. Grab my keys cause you will need them too, but hurry up cause there is more to do. Walk out the door and go into my car, dont worry I’m not parked to far. As you leave the building and go down the right stairs, you will notice that my car is parked right there.

At this point, I was like, crap, he’s taking me somewhere, and I was gross from class so I sprayed perfume, fixed my makeup and took my shaking crying self outside. ( little did i know but he was hiding in stair well and was about to come in because he thought I fainted since I was taking so long!!!….woops) OK, So I get to his car wondering how am I going to drive crying and shaking like this but theres a note on the seat saying look in glove box. So I open glove box and there is another single rose, a thing of tissues and another poem. It reads, As you can see I left a rose in here, I also left you some tissues to wipe away your tears. Wipe your eyes quick cause there’s still more to do, bring the rose and tissues with you. Head back to the apartment were you came from before, make sure you prepare yourself so you are ready for more.

I go back upstairs, and I get to the door and theres a poem…before you walk through this door, be ready for the next challenge you will have to endure, when you are ready open it wide, I hope you are ready for the next ride.

I open the door and there is roses every where and rose pedals everywhere and He is leaning on the couch. I hug him and we were both shaking and he says to me. You solved my riddle, I am not surpised… are you ready, for the ultimate prize. He got down on one knee and told me he has always loved me from the moment he met me, ( he said some other things but I was too excited and in shock to remember) but then he asked me to marry him and I said…..DUH!… I think I meant to say yes but I was just too excited!

So now I am engaged to the man of my dreams :)