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Dana Jones & Kyle Robinson

Wedding date: October 18, 2014
Location: The Free Library of Philadelphia

How did they meet?
We met in 2005 while I was employed at Commerce Bank. At the time Kyle worked at a local auto detail shop and would come into the bank every Friday with the guys from the shop to cash/deposit his payroll check. I would always notice Kyle from a distance but would never say a word to him. One Friday when the guys came into the bank I decided to confess to one of Kyle’s co-workers that I had a little crush on him. Little did I know the person I was speaking to was his father, Mr. Tommie. He and the rest of the guys at the detail shop immediately ran to tell Kyle. A few minutes later Kyle entered the bank. Something about him made me very shy and nervous. I immediately wanted to run but before I could Kyle walked up to my teller station and after little conversation asked for my phone number. The next night was our first date and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Engagment Story
After a long night of dinner, dancing and yes, gambling in Atlantic City I woke up alone in the hotel room. A few moments later I realized Kyle was in the other part of the room and I’m thinking “what is he doing in there?” He finally entered the room, noticing I had just woke up he came over to sit beside me. He began talking about things we spoke about the night before and affirming his feelings for me. I’m sitting there completely unsure where this conversation was headed, but enjoying every minute of it. That’s when he pulled out the ring. I’m smiling, sitting in instant shock and he hits me with the question….”Will you marry me?” Filled with so much excitement, I of course said yes!!