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Christine Swanick & Patrick Waldron

Wedding date: March 29, 2014
Location: Springfield, PA

How we met
Patrick and I met, in what has recently become the newest conventional way to meet someone in the 21st century, online. We were both tired of the “bar” scene and being set up on dates by friends, so we gave online dating a try. I had been on for 3 months and Pat had been on for about 3.5 months. We had both been on several dates but had not found that “spark” we were looking for. I had one week left in my 3 month subscription. I had already decided to not renew my subscription since my search had proved unsuccessful so far. I sent a message to Pat as a last minute ditch effort to see if I could get my money’s worth. We emailed back and forth a few times then my account closed. I had to explain to him I could only talk via text or home email since my Match days were over. To my suprise he wasn’t deterred by that statement and asked me on a date. We met at Teresa’s Cafe in Wayne. He was there first (of course because he is early for everything and I am late for everything…opposites attract?) giving me a chance to eye him up before he saw me. I approved of the black buttonup and fancy dress shoes with jeans (my favorite look). We sat down and instantly he was on my good side when he produced 2 bottles of wine to choose from, red and white because he was not sure what I liked. We drank a bottle of white and ate, when we could take a second to stop talking. 4 hours later, we were the last ones in the restaurant as they were closing around us. Pat walked me to my car and bravely asked me on another date…for the next day! As we gave a quick kiss goodbye, I could tell this guy was different than anyone else I’d met.

Our engagement story
Well is starts with our second date 1 year and 10 months earlier. Pat and his friends have a tradition of going to McGillins in Philly every Sunday to watch the Eagles play. I very quickly became part of that tradition since I am an Eagles fan as well. Sundays during football season were and still are a highlight of our relationship. One Sunday on October 14 2012, we got ready to go to McGillins, as was the usual. On the PATCO I had mentioned for the millionth time that I wished my birthday wasn’t the following week, on a Sunday that was a BYE week. I wanted to celebrate turning 25 doing what I loved; being at McGillins with Pat and our friends watching football. We sit at the same table each time and have the same waitress each week. Pat and I walked in and he led me upstairs telling me “the group must be upstairs for some reason”. I never gave it a second thought. We walked into the room on the second floor to hear “SURPRISE!” After a few seconds of adjusting my eyes (I did not have my glasses on and couldn’t see) I saw all our friends and family standing in front of me. It was a surprise birthday party! I was shocked and so excited. He had listened to me! So the party begins. During halftime of the Eagles (we could not interrupt the game), the game turns off and a slideshow begins playing on the projector. Pat announces he has a present for me. And there in front of me I see pictures of us over the years and I hear a recording of Pat playing guitar and singing my all-time favorite song, “My Favorite” by Gabe Dixon Band. Keep in mind, I quietly watching this, thinking “How sweet” and “I’ve been begging him to sing this song for me for so long and he never would.” And I’ve still got no clue what’s coming. At the end of the video, Pat turns to me and says “I have one more surprise”, gets down on one knee in front of everyone and asks “Will you marry me?” I was completely shocked! I had so many emotions going at once. I was smiling, shaking, crying. I just kept nodding my head unable to speak.

That day was one of the best days of my life. I still get chills and tears in my eyes when I rewatch the video of the proposal.