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Allison Fumo & Maxwell Kraun Bassman

Wedding date: June 27th 2015
Location: Vie

How did they meet?
We met down the shore at Maynards dive bar down in Margate City NJ. Max had on a baby blue shirt, to match his eyes of course, and Allie had just returned from a family vacation. The first thing he said to her was “Do you want to play flip cup?” Surprisingly enough she said yes to this stranger. Now we cook dinners together and share bottles of wine instead of pitchers of beer, but we will never forget that night!

Engagment Story
Max is developing a project in Northern Liberties and had asked Allie to come up and see the townhouses since she had yet to see them, and also because he was going to need her help “decorating.” It was the night before Thanksgiving and as per Italian tradition, Allie’s family was coming over to make sausage stuffing at her mom’s. They had to be there at a certain time, but Max waiting on jewelers row for the ring to be set. She almost left without him, if not for a helpful cal from her mom, to tell her that her family was running late and to take her time. When we they arrived at the townhouse, Allie took her time and made mental notes on how she could help “decorate” while all Max wanted to do was get to the rooftop. After what seemed like forever, they finally made it to the roof where they looked out on a rainy night on the Philadelphia skyline. Max said “this is only the beginning” in which Allie replied “yeah I know…” Having no idea that the best moment in her life was about to happen. Max pulled her close and said “when you know you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” Allie responded complete “yeah…” completely oblivious to what was about to happen. She noticed that something was behind his back but she had no idea that it was her ring. Max got down on one knee and Allie lost it. Max asked her to marry her once in which she relied “does my mom know?” Max nodded through tears and asked one more time “will you marry me?” Allie said yes and jumped into his arms. They hugged and kissed and laughed. After, they rushed off to Allie’s mom’s house, managed to make some sausage stuffing, and then celebrated with the entire family.