First Look: Le Bec Fin 2.0 Reviewed in the Best Of Philly Issue

Photo by Courtney Apple

For our biggest issue of the year, we decided early on that we also wanted to run a review big enough to match it. And what is a bigger deal in Philly right now than the re-opening of Le Bec Fin under the command of Nicolas Fanucci?

It was a wild (and expensive) proposition, but totally worth it as Trey Popp got to see Le Bec 2.0 from its earliest moments–watching it shake off the cobwebs of 40-plus years of history, find its footing in the brave new world of fine dining and fight for its place in Philadelphia’s restaurant scene. Here’s just a taste of how things shook out.

The search for a truly great restaurant is a quest for a mysterious kind of comfort. You want a refuge that veils the anxieties (and even some of the satisfactions) of your real life and replaces them with something fantastical yet uncannily familiar. You want to walk into another world, yet feel it’s where you’ve always belonged. And I have never found that magic behind the marble-framed door of Le Bec Fin…

You can have a look at the full review right now. The Best Of Philly issue is currently on the stands all over town and, early next week, we’ll be posting it online (along with a second review of former Le Bec chef Nicholas Elmi‘s new project: Rittenhouse Tavern). But in the meantime, I’m also curious about how you guys feel about the new Le Bec. Have you been? If so, what did you think? And if not, are you looking forward to the opportunity of seeing it under its new command or avoiding it in favor or other, less dear amusements?

You know the drill. Comments below and try to keep it (reasonably) civil. And don’t forget that Foobooz is still tweeting out the Best of Philly food winners, so if you don’t follow us already (@foobooz), what are you waiting for?

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