Erin and Andrew Brass

Erin and Andrew Brass
Erin and Andrew Brass

We all dream of having a truly beautiful & unique wedding, where everyone is able to celebrate in the joy & share in the love you have for one another. I can truly say ….our dream came true! From the second we were engaged, we wanted a wedding unique to us in every way. In our very short six month engagement…we worked on EVERY detail of our big day. We chose a venue unlike any other (the first movie theater in Philadelphia!) The second I walked in I just knew it was the PERFECT place for the wedding. From the arched ceilings to the exposed brick walls, even empty it was BEAUTIFUL. The next task was filling the venue with ALL the details (caterers, tables/chairs, linens, flowers, lighting, entertainment, liquor, etc, (it all had to be brought in separate). Because of this, we were able to turn the venue into the truly magical and wonderfully alive fairy tale wedding of our dreams! Every detail of the day was unique to us, many things were done by hand right down to the candy buffet and bags (which we stayed up until the sun came up making!) It was a labor of LOVE and a very busy six months, and worth EVERY second of sleep we missed out on. The day was more amazing than we could ever imagine in EVERY way! After 4 years of dating, and 3 years of living AND working together, I don’t think either of us expected to be so overwhelmed in such an amazing way as we were at the moment we saw each other the day of our wedding. THIS is the moment you look forward to your whole life and you can never imagine how amazing it feels until it happens. It was a day filled with love, and an overabundance of joy from all. It was truly the wedding of our dreams and a day that will forever remain engraved in our hearts and memories until the end of time.

Kissing in the park

Venue: The Chestnut Club
Photography: Jason Messer
Catering/Cake: Feastivities
Decor: Eventions & Autumn Snow (flowers)
Bride Dress: Priscilla of Boston-Melissa Sweet for Vineyard
Hair: Bride
Make-up: Bride
Stationery: The Green Kangaroo
Music: Brian Smith/Plantinum DJ's


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