Kevin Hart’s World Takeover Noted in GQ‘s 15 Funniest People Alive Issue

Photo from GQ

Photo from GQ

Philly’s Kevin Hart gets a nice profile in the current issue of GQ, which takes on the impossible task of naming the 15 Funniest People Alive. Hart comes in at No. 13, noted for his “big plans to become a multifaceted comedic brand.”

“The plan is multi-faceted, and it’s been percolating for a long time,” the piece notes. “Seth Rogen, who’s known Hart since 2001, when Judd Apatow cast them both in his short-lived TV series Undeclared, says that Hart ‘was the first guy I ever met that had a production company. You’d call his cell phone and another guy would answer, ‘Hartbeat Productions!’ And you’d be like, ‘Is Kevin there?’ And the guy would hand him the phone. He’s always been like that, even when he was a stand-up comic from Philly who I’d never fucking heard of.'”

Hart shares the GQ accolade with Louis C.K. (No.1), Amy Schumer (No. 2), and, funny enough, Julia Louis-Dreyfus (No. 15). Check out the rest of the profile here.


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