Rare Hitachino Plum Wheat on Tap This Weekend

hitachino-nest-logo-400For the first time ever, Hitachino Anbai Plum Wheat Ale will be available on tap in Philadelphia. Zama will be one of just a handful of restaurants in the United States that will have the beer.

Hitachino Anbai Plum Wheat Ale is made from a base of Hitachino Nest White Ale that is then mixed with Japanese plums. After soaking for six months, Mo-shio (natural sea salt) is added, creating a salty and sour brew.

The 20 liter keg is on tap this weekend at Zama and will likely only last through the weeekend.

Zama [Foobooz]

CoZara Will Be an Izakaya


The Daily Pennsylvanian has the latest on the upcoming CoZara project from Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka. The bi-level space at 3200 Chestnut will be an izakaya, focusing on Japanese pub food and drink. On the food side, expect to see dumplings, buckwheat noodles, ramen and yakitori. For drinks, CoZara will offer sake, sake cocktails plus local and Japanese beers.

The project has seen some delays and is now aiming to open in late January.

New Japanese restaurant will offer pub style atmosphere [Daily Pennsylvanian]
CoZara [Foobooz]

Zama Now Offers a Sbraga Roll

Sbraga Roll at Zama

Today, Global Philly 2013 kicked off with a special event at ZamaHiroyuki ‘Zama’ Tanaka and Kevin Sbraga were on hand to unleash the “Sbraga Roll.” The sushi roll is the latest collaboration from Tanaka who has conspired with many of Philadelphia’s best chefs and top celebrities to create a series of unusual rolls. Chef Sbraga suggested some of his favorite ingredients for the roll that will be served at Zama over the course of Global Philly 2013, from September 15 to November 1. The Sbraga Roll is a sushi roll with dill, jalapeno, avocado and crispy shallot topped with a Panko-crusted bite of dorado.

Global Philly is an international exposition, presented by the Global Philadelphia Association. Sbraga, who is leading the culinary part of the initiative, has rounded up some of his chef contemporaries to participate in the month-and-a-half long event to offer “Global Philadelphia” appetizer specials.

Starting at $12, the appetizers will be found at Sbraga’s eponymous modern American restaurant as well as at restaurants like Tashan, Bistro La Minette and Zinc , La Calaca Feliz, Zama and Han Dynasty.

  •  Sbraga will feature a steak tartar with French onion dip and a pea tendril salad.
  •  Tim Spinner (La Calaca Feliz) will spotlight the Al Pastor Pork Taco.
  • Bistro La Minette’s Peter Woolsey created a salmon tartare with lentils and a blood orange vinaigrette.
  • Han Chiang of Han Dynasty will offer a lamb dumpling with garlic sauce vinegar sauce.
  • And of course Zama will feature the Sbraga roll.

GlobalPhilly 2013 [Official Site]

Japanese Craft Beer Returns to Zama


Philadelphia was mainly spared the wrath of Hurricane Sandy last year but New York City wasn’t so lucky. One casualty was an importer of Japanese craft beer. So missing for just about a year from Zama’s menu in Philadelphia has been Japanese craft beer.

Now the Rittenhouse Square Japanese restaurant is offering beer from several Japanese craft brewers including:

  • Ishikawa Brewery
  • Echigo Brewery
  • Koshihikari Brewery
  • Orion Breweries

Zama [Official Site]

Hitachino Making a Double Appearance


Toshiyuki Kiuchi is back in town, and he’s got a bunch of beer with him. Kiuchi is the owner of Kiuchi Brewery in Japan, a magical facility that produces their line of Hitachino Beers—some the finest craft beers in the whole country. So why is Kiuchi in town?

For two reasons:


Zama Expanding to 3200 Chestnut Street

 Chestnut full building view 603x463

Michael Klein is reporting that Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka will be opening a two-story Japanese restaurant focusing on yakitori, noodles and dumplings at Chestnut Square. Chestnut Square is intending to open this fall at 3200 Chestnut Street. The mixed-use complex on Drexel’s campus will also be the home of the city’s second Shake Shack.

Zama opening a second restaurant [The Insider]

About Last Night: Open Stove 10 At COOK

Yeah, we did it again. Last night was the 10th installment of our Foobooz Open Stove series at COOK, and we celebrated with booze and food and dirty jokes and two great teams from two of the best restaurants in Philly.

On one side, we had Team SPTR, headed up by Mark Regan from the South Philly Tap Room. On the other, Team Zama, bossed by Kevin Yanaga of Zama. Both sides fought hard. Both sides put up some amazing dishes under odd (and seasonally-appropriate!) conditions. And in a rare moment for Open Stove, neither team panicked despite the fact that, this time around, they had every reason to.

What’s that you say? You couldn’t make it last night? Well that’s okay. You’ll get ‘em next time, tiger. But in the meantime, you’re lucky because we had COOK shooter Yoni Nimrod there taking snaps of all the action for us, so now you’ll know exactly what you missed.

Show me the pictures

Zama Launches His Next Charity Collaboration: Garces Chirashi

Photo courtesy Steve Legato

Ever wondered what it would be like to mix your favorite sushi dish with the classic Spanish paella? Chef Hiroyuki “Zama” Tanaka wants you to wonder no longer with his Garces Chirashi. The latest in a series of collaborations for charity, the Garces Chirashi is a kind of Japanese paella in collaboration with–you guessed it–chef Jose Garces. One dollar from every dish sold will be donated to the Garces Family Foundation, a charity benefiting immigrant families in Philadelphia.

Garces Chirashi is served in a bowl, over sushi rice and includes:

  • Head-on Madagascar shrimp
  • Diver scallops
  • Spanish baby octopus
  • Hamachi sashimi
  • Madai sashimi
  • Kurobuta pork sausage
  • Edamame, avocado and mixed Japanese herbs (kaiware sprouts, mitsuba leaf, myoga)
  • Espelette pepper aioli
  • Saffron sushi rice

Zama [Official]


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