Zahav Announces 4th Annual Down the Shore Extravaganza


Zahav has announced their fourth annual Down the Shore Extravaganza and this year it moves outdoors to Morgan’s Pier. The ticketed event is set for Monday, July 1st from 6 to 10 p.m. The party will feature bites from some of Philadelphia’s best chefs and “disco-fied” klezmer beats from the West Philadelphia Orchestra.


Tickets are $85 and include buffet dinner by Michael Solomonov, open bar (beer and sangria) plus hors d’oeuvres from an impressive list of chefs.

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Zahav And Le Bec: Two Wine Dinners To Plan For



There are two wine dinners coming up fast on the calendar that you oenophiles ought to be aware of.

The first is an Andre Mack winemaker dinner at Le Bec Fin–the third in the restaurant’s series of dinners. It’s happening tomorrow, April 17, at 6:30, and as of right now, there are about ten reservations remaining at $125 a pop. The crew at Le Bec is putting together an 8-course dinner to pair with the wines that Mack will be discussing, and the menu looks like a pretty good one. Think of Lillet Rosé poached foie gras with rhubarb, cured beets and parsnips served alongside Love Drunk Rose or Fried Chicken Napoleon en Vessi with morels a la creme, ramp waffles and preserved hen’s egg paired with Oregogne pinot noir and you’ll be in the ballpark.

And yes, you did read that right. They’re serving fried chicken and waffles at Le Bec Fin. Viva la revolution. Call the restaurant at 215-567-1000 for reservations.

But wait… What if you can’t make it tomorrow night? Then how about hitting Zahav on April 29 for their Chateau Musar dinner?

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Mike Solomonov and Han Chiang Plan Star Wars Collaboration


Long time Foobooz reader and commenter Alimentarian, delivers us the scoop on a chef collaboration we can’t wait to taste.

On the heels of the announcement of his pop-up at Momofuku Saam Bar in New York, Michael Solomonov has revealed plans for an exciting home-town event at Zahav. Solomonov will be hosting Han Chiang of Han Dynasty for a collaboration they’re calling Han Solo.  Zahav will be screening the original Star Wars movie and serving Star Wars-themed dishes and cocktails.  The date and full menu have not been released, but a few tantalizing details have been provided.

Chiang will be offering a take on his famous Dan Dan noodles called Taun Taun innards (remember that scene from the Empire Strikes Back?).  Solomonov, for his part, promises a dish called Chewbaccala and a dessert plate of wookie cookies and Federation Donuts.

We’ll release the date and details once finalized. In the meantime, look forward to this and may the Force be with you.

Zahav Going to Momofuku in New York


UPDATE: The details have been revealed. As part of Momofuku’s late night dinner series, David Chang will be hosting Zahav at Momofuku ssäm bar on Tuesday, April 9th. The all-inclusive meal is just $85 per person.

Reservations are being accepted via

Sounds like a bargain. And hey, we’re cool with sharing Zahav for a night as long as that means David Chang and Momofuku come down to Philadelphia for a night.


What To Eat During Center City Restaurant Week, Part 2: Zahav

Zahav Interior

It’s that time again. Center City Restaurant Week is nearly upon us, and in order to help you, the loyal Foobooz readers, get the most bang for your buck, we’ve combed through all the menus being offered by the 100-plus restaurants participating this year and come up with a few ideal meals for you to consider. And today, we’ve got…

Zahav: It Takes A Village

Okay, so I’m just saying make your reservations now, okay? We clear? Zahav is not the kind of place you’re going to just be able to walk into on any night during the next two weeks and expect to get anything but the stink-eye from the staff. The place is going to be busy, is what I’m saying. But there’s a reason for that. Of all the 100-some restaurants participating in this year’s Restaurant Week, Zahav is both one of the most popular and likely the one place that’s best prepared for being able to handle the onslaught coming their way.

Why? Because they handle serious crowds every single day. Also because the kitchen’s Restaurant Week menu is essentially identical to the menu they serve every other week. Like Barbuzzo yesterday, Zahav is offering four courses rather than the standard three (including one in which you’re offered two choices), and the list of options is large. If you’ve got plans at any point to go out with a group, Zahav is where you want to plant your team flag. Bring a party of four and, with a little sharing, you can eat virtually everything that’s great on the menu, all for $35 a head.

Let’s take a look at how the menu breaks down.

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Zahav Announces an Extremely Jewish Christmas

For the third year in a row, Zahav is hosting a Jewish Christmas night. Yes, the night does include Asian food and a movie. This year it is An Extremely Jewish & Korean Christmas with Korean food and a movie. The event is Thursday, December 20th and costs $55 per person. Get your tickets now as this event will sell out fast.

A Very Jewish Christmas Tickets [Cook+Solo]
Zahav [Official Site]

Around The Web: Secret Suppers

Photo courtesy Grub Street Philly

An Irish cheesesteak, foie-kebabs, Nutella pizza and a simple plate of spaghetti at a restaurant known for somewhat more complicated presentations–these are just a few of the secret plates uncovered by Grub Street Philly in an excellent investigation that hit the interwebs this afternoon.

There are a million dishes in the naked city, but not all of them are listed on menus. And there’s no single answer why chefs and restaurateurs keep these secrets. Some are things that were replaced in menu updates, but remain tastes that loyal customers can’t live with out; other are simply special plates reserved for celebrities, high rollers and dearly loved regulars.

So check it out, won’t you? All 8 of the plates that made Grub’s list sound like they would make an excellent dinner tonight. Though something tells me you might not be the only fella in the dining room looking for those foie kebabs…

Secret Suppers: 8 Amazing Off-Menu Dishes [Grub Street Philly]

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