Yuengling to Host Inaugural Oktoberfest Beer Race

Photo by Flickr user Chris Waits

Photo by Flickr user Chris Waits

I know, I know—why are we talking about Octoberfest in April?, you ask. Here’s why: Because the Yuengling Light Lager Jogger, the brewery’s springtime 5K that’s coming up this weekend, is always a quick sell-out, so I wanted to give you plenty of lead time on Yuengling’s just-announced second race on tap for later this year.

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Yuengling Ice Cream Hitting Store Shelves Sooner Than Expected


Remember way back in September when we told you about a non-beery branch of the Yuengling family getting back into the ice cream business? The deal was, they were planning on restarting their dairy business and getting back into pushing their historic ice cream (one of the things the family did during Prohibition in order to weather the sudden cutting off of their beer income), with a planned production date for the first batch scheduled for some time in March of 2014.

Well, apparently the public’s response to the return of Yuengling ice cream was so positive that the family has pushed up the date. The first production run actually started yesterday at Leiby’s Dairy in Tamaqua.

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Yuengling Returns to Massachusetts


After almost 25-years, D.G. Yuengling and Sons will again be shipping their beer to Massachusetts. And when our sister publication, Boston Magazine posted the news, they racked up an amazing 27,000 Facebook likes (and counting) on the post. So if Facebook likes are the gauge of anything, it’s going to be a successful return for Yuengling.

Yuengling Is Bringing Beer Back to Massachusetts [Boston Magazine]

Dick Yuengling Reminds Us He’s Still Kind of a Dick

Earlier this year, it came out that Dick Yuengling, brewer of Yuengling, was accused of skimping on his city taxes and defending it. Now, he’s at it again, lobbying for Pennsylvania to become a right-to-work state. (Look, whatever you think of organized labor, that would be pretty extreme move for a rustbelt state like PA. And if pro-PLCB Republicans are any indication, having your entire state controlled by the GOP does not mean right-to-work is at all imminent.) He’s also calling for the state to reduce the capital stock and franchise tax. And he’s crying poor: “Yuengling says he’s not worth a billion dollars, despite his inclusion earlier this year on a Forbes magazine list of billionaires.” Also, if my anti-Yuengling bias weren’t clear enough: Yuengling is a terrible beer. [WITF]


Deadspin Gives Yuengling Its Due, Ranks It Poorly

Deadspin has published a completely subjective and non-scientific ranking of the “36th Best Cheap Beers” in the country. Yuengling, sandwiched between Busch Light and Bud Light, comes in 25th. Here’s the accompanying blurb:

Why are people so into Yuengling? It’s quite popular among the Pennsylvania ex-pat community, which is odd given that the beer sucks and Pennsylvanians don’t strike me as an excessively prideful or self-important lot.

I agree completely. Yuengling is a staggeringly overrated beer. Problem one: It tastes like dishrag juice. Problem two: Their “Porter” tastes identical to the Lager. Problem three: It’s really heavy for a crappy beer, meaning it’s harder to hold your nose and guzzle a six pack for purely utilitarian reasons. So why do we insist on drinking it? (And by “we” I mean “you.”) I suspect that because it comes in bottle form and has a rich history, it feels like a craft beer. Only California produces more craft beer than Pennsylvania–you’d think we’d have better taste.

Image: Deadspin

Pass Me a Lager … Barbecue Sauce


Next time you as for a Yuengling Lager, someone many ask you if you mean the beer or the sauce. Yuengling has partnered with All-N-Food to produce a line of barbecue sauces created with Yuengling’s Lager, Porter and Black & Tan. Yuengling also has unveiled a line of hot sauces based around their Lager.

But that’s not all, tomato sauces, soup and salad dressings are also in the works.

Look for the barbecue and hot sauces to be on Food Lion shelves (and at the Pottsville brewery) before the Super Bowl with wider distribution to follow.

Yuengling Sauces [All-N-Food]

Yuengling Toasts Philadelphia with 10,000 Free Beers

Yuengling, the oldest and largest American brewery is raising a glass to the awesome beer city of Philadelphia. On Friday, September 28th at exactly 6:30 p.m. a toast from fifth-generation owner Dick Yuengling will go out across the city at almost 250 bars. You could watch the toast be given from the Pottsville brewery on Comcast SportsNet, or you could be a real card-carrying Philadelphian and go get some free beer.

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