3 (More!) Wine-Filled Fitness Events to Have on Your Summer Calendar


Run the Vineyards | Photo courtesy Good Day for a Run

A few weeks ago, we let you guys know about some wine-filled fitness events going down at Newtown’s Crossing Vineyards and Winery this summer, and you guys went BONKERS. Naturally. Post-workout wine is exciting, after all. And since you all were so excited about those events, we thought it would only be the kind thing for us to do to clue you in on three more wine-plus-workout events on our radar this summer. Check them out below.  Read more »

This Free NamaSLAY Yoga Class Will Make Your Stuck-in-Philly Memorial Day Way Better

Three Queens Yoga | Photo via Facebook

Three Queens Yoga | Photo via Facebook

If you’re currently holding back tears because all your friends are packing their bathing suits to head down the Shore and you’re stuck here in Philly for the holiday weekend, this should make you feel better: On Monday evening, Queen Village’s Three Queens Yoga is doing the public service of holding a free NamaSLAY yoga class. What does that mean, you ask? Well, it means, come Monday evening, you’ll be getting your downward dog on to divas like Whitney Houston and (of course) Beyoncé, along with rappers like Drake and Biggie — for free.99.

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You Can Officially Sign Up for Floating Fitness Classes on the Delaware River

SUP Yoga at Spruce Street Harbor Park | Photo via Facebook

SUP Yoga at Spruce Street Harbor Park | Photo via Facebook

The ladies of Aqua Vida just released their schedule for the upcoming stand-up paddleboard fitness season at Spruce Street Harbor Park (sidenote: WHO would’ve thought the words “stand-up paddleboard fitness season” would ever be typed in relation to Philly?), and man, oh, man do you have a lot of options to choose from. Read more »

Big News: Wanderlust 108 Date and Location Announced for Philly

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 2015 | Photo via Wanderlust

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn 2015 | Photo courtesy Wanderlust

We’ve got some big news, guys. Like, sure-to-get-you-giddy-with-excitement BIG news. Here it goes: Wanderlust 108, the giant festival that combines yoga, running, meditation and music (plus a kombucha bar!), just announced exactly when and where they’ll be setting up in Philly this fall. Can I get a drumroll, please? The fest will be coming to the Navy Yard on Saturday, October 8th. Eeeeeee! Read more »

This Midtown Village Yoga Studio Is Closing

The Studio at Duross & Langel | Photo via Facebook

The Studio at Duross & Langel | Photo via Facebook

Just over a year ago, in March of 2015, Duross & Langel, known for their handcrafted soaps, lotions, scrubs (the salt and pepper body scrub: OH my GOSH), opened a yoga studio next to their Midtown Village shop. It was an unexpected move, and one that a year later seems to have not quite worked: Yesterday, Steve Duross posted a touching blog post announcing that the Studio at Duross & Langel would be shuttering its doors come June 4th. Read more »

The Tiny Detail That Made a Huge Difference in My Last Hot Yoga Class

Yoga Habit | Photo via Facebook

Yoga Habit | Photo via Facebook

Yoga studios are like coffee shops: There are too many to count (a quick Yelp search brings up 221 in Philly), and they all serve up a similar product. So, like a coffee shop, it’s the tiny but significant details that keep you coming back to your yoga studio. (Same goes for the tiny but significant details that make you say “NEVER again.”) So today, I’m going to tell you about an oh-so-tiny detail — as tiny as the scone samples at La Colombe’s Fishtown location that keep me going back for my financially irresponsible daily morning latte — that made Fairmount’s new Yoga Habit a studio that I would totally call my yoga studio. Read more »

The Checkup: Why You Regain Weight You’ve Lost, According to a Dietitian 

• Talk of losing weight only to gain it back — and then some — has been all over the place for the past week, thanks to new research about “The Biggest Loser.” Here, a dietitian dishes on what she considers to be the top five culprits when it comes to regaining weight. Hint: They have a lot to do with how you think about weight loss. [Washington Post] Read more »

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