12 Reasons We Are So Stinkin’ Excited for Warm Weather in Philly

SUP Yoga at Spruce Street Harbor Park | Photo via Facebook

Springtime finally seems to have shown up, and we couldn’t be happier here in Be Well Philly Land. Below, 12 reasons we are so (so, so, SO) excited for warm weather in Philly. Read up, then start planning your delightful 70-degrees-and-sunny Saturday. Read more »

Where to Do Yoga on a Rooftop This Week

Guys, warm weather fiiiiiiiinally seems to be headed our way, with the forecast calling for temperatures in the high 70s and 80s this week. Say it with us: YESSSSSSSSSS. And if you’ve been feeling just as sun-deprived as we have, you’ll be very pleased to hear about two rooftop yoga classes, being led by KG Strong’s Katie Gould, where you can soak up some serious vitamin D this week.

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5 Fit Friend Date Ideas in Philly That Totally Beat Going to Brunch (AGAIN)

Yoga on the Pier at Race Street Pier | Photo by Matt Stanley

Brunch is arguably the most effortless friend date out there — Saturday and Sunday mornings tend to be pretty free for most people, you don’t have to put much thought into where to go, and everyone loves pancakes. But at a certain point, like with any relationship, the same ol’ date over and over again can start to feel stale, and you start leaving brunch thinking dark thoughts like, “I wonder how many dollars I have spent on scrambled eggs over the past five years.”

You don’t ever want to reach the point where you’re asking yourself this question. Trust me, I’ve been there and the calculations only leads to despair.

Instead, we say, switch your friend dates up before they start to feel stale. And make them more efficient while you’re at it — get a sweat session in while you each rant about your lives (this is what friends do, right? It’s not just my friends, right?), like your sister’s computer game-addicted boyfriend who’s a decade younger than her, or the snarky email your coworker sent you last week. You will thank us when, after a few weeks, you’ve spent WAY less money on mimosas and have more muscle to show for it.

Below, five fun, fit friend dates planned for you. Read up, then text your steady brunch date with the change of plans.

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7 Fun (and Some Free!) Mother’s Day Yoga Classes Around Philly

Whether you’re a mom figuring out how you’re going to fill in the glorious free time you requested as your Mother’s Day gift, or a daughter or son trying to figure out just how you’re going to treat your mom to a nice day, one thing’s for sure: Yoga should be somewhere in the equation. And we’ve done the legwork on where you can find a mom-centric Mother’s Day yoga class (some of them are even free for moms) around Philly this weekend. Read up, then pick a class — and if you’re dutifully planning your mom’s Mother’s Day, take credit for the idea. (We won’t tell.) Read more »

Take Notes: How 7 Philly Yoga Pros Smash Stress

I don’t know about you, but it’s incredibly likely that I will still be checking my e-mail at 9 p.m. tonight. And, let’s be honest, probably taking a peek at my Slack work channel, just to make sure nothing is going on, too. Needless to say, this feeling of worry interferes with me really getting to my place of after-work, stress-free calm while watching Chef’s Table and drinking red wine.

When you’re constantly busy and feel like you’re working 24/7 — which so many of us do nowadays — it can be hard to turn off (both mentally, and to literally shut down your phone and laptop) and de-stress. (As a baby step, you can try  turning off your phone’s vibration so you’ll stop compulsively checking it, or start mandating no-screen time before bed.)

With addict-like technology and work habits running rampant, it comes as no surprise that, in a 2015 study by the American Psychological Association, 75 percent of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress, and nearly half reported that their stress had increased in the past year. Then there’s the whole competing for “most busy” prize that happens at work, which just adds to stress.

So the question: How the heck can we de-stress?

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Breweries and Bars Are Officially Yoga Destinations

Yoga at Martha in Kensington

Yoga at Martha in Kensington | Image via Instagram 

Guys, let’s hope this isn’t a passing trend because I think the folks at Wissahickon Brewing Company, Martha and Federal Distilling are truly on to something. These three gems of local institutions are offering on-site yoga classes (some recurring!) followed by the chance to rehydrate with their specialties. Now, that’s a reward system I can get on board with. Who’s with me?

Check out this crop of yoga sessions, all followed by drink or two, below. Read more »

Stop Everything: Wanderlust 108 Just Announced Philly Date for 2017

Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn | Photo courtesy Wanderlust

Wanderlust 108  | Photo courtesy Wanderlust

Mondays are hard. Which is why I was maybe a little too excited (like audibly-shrieking-in-my-office excited) when I got an email this afternoon saying that Wanderlust 108 — that’s the “mindful triathlon” that pairs an noncompetitive 5K with a giant outdoor yoga session, complete with a DJ, then ends with guided meditation for all — had announced its 2017 date for Philly.

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10 Coolest Philly Fitness and Foodie Events: May 2017

Reach & Raise | Photo via Facebook

Reach & Raise | Photo via Facebook

If you’re looking to ways to fill your calendar this month, we’ve got plenty, from the classic (hey, Broad Street Run) to the truly unique (lookin’ at you, farm animal yoga and beer-fueled bullet journaling gatherings) to the nostalgic (did someone say summer camp for ADULTS?!). Check out our top 10 fitness and foodie picks for the month below.

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Listen Up, Wine Lovers: These Local Winery Fitness Events Are Back!

Crossing Vineyards and Winery | Photo via Facebook

Crossing Vineyards and Winery | Photo via Facebook

Calling all fans of grown-up grape juice (that’s wine, duh): We have a series of fitness events that were created with you in mind! Crossing Vineyards and Winery, of Newtown, is bringing back their seasonal Cycle and Sip series as well as their Wine Tasting and Yoga sessions. And yes, each workout session is concluded with a wine tasting paired with cheese, cured meats and chocolate. Read more »

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